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Got a million questions?

Here’s a million answers…

In my wedding coverage I can do some bride and groom prep if they are within about 10 mins of each other. If not we can just stick with the gals (sorry guys) and get the guys when they arrive at ceremony or I’ll grab a second shooter to help out ($500) A second shooter is invaluable to have anyways, and something I’d prefer if you are having a large wedding/video anyways).

If you plan on having your ceremony at 10am and starting the reception at 4pm and want me to shoot a 14 hour day…its not going to fly. Haha. We can chat about options to modify a specific package for you.

Having an elopement and only want 2-3 hours? Not a prob - elopements/small celebrations are priced at $490 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours :)

Usually around 10 songs/30 mins is enough to get some super fun dance floor shots without people spilling drinks on me and asking for endless photos of themselves and I slip away without interrupting your fun at that time so that any further decline in cognitive function is not captured photographically (well not by me anyways). However, if you are obsessed with dance floor shots and you are planning a fancy exit, I’m happy to add on a dance floor/exit package for $600 (must conclude by 11:30pm).

Yes - I’m more of a photojournalist, so if the details of your day are more important to you than the unscripted moments then we probably aren’t a match made in heaven. I do not take photos of fake champagne toasts people. Lets forget about what the photos are ‘supposed’ to look like (hello Pinterest and magazines = not real life) and just embrace whatever the heck happens on your day and get some joy filled/authentic/beautiful photos!

Allllll my couples are pretty awkward (just saying) so don’t stress about it. We take portraits with a grain of non seriousness, we chase some beautiful light together and capture some beautiful photos of you guys just being you (with me telling you to change positions if you are abnormally awkward).  In addition, when we go for a (decent) coffee during your engagement, we can absolutely take a few practice piccies down here on the beautiful south coast. Not 180 photos of you in slightly different positions, just us hanging out and me showing you that you are not as awkward as you think :)

You get the professionally edited files from your day in a mix of colour and black and white, both as an online gallery for printing and sharing with guests/family and in a custom USB package with a bunch of other goodies. Want prints/albums included? Let me know and I can add on a print package for you to select from…easy.

If you book me….PLEASE book a documentary style/low key videographer (if you are having one). I can give you a list of awesome peeps that will do a great job. There’s almost no point having a different style of video, as one of us will basically have to surrender doing things that reflect our style as we compete with each other all day (i.e. I want you to be hanging out with your girls naturally, the video person is making you do lots of posy stuff….it doesn’t work!).

Got more questions? Shoot me an email and I’m more than happy to chat!