*Budgets are lame. Skip the bonbonniere's, pick the photographer you want and lets figure out a way to make it happen!

I'd love for you to be so comfortable with your wedding photographer that its literally like having one of your good friends take the photos (with better results hopefully!)

Your wedding day coverage should be about you guys having a fab time, soaking up every moment together and trusting that I'm there capturing it all for you, rather than me getting in the way and scripting the day into a cookie cutter shoot for you (I'll direct you when needed of course :)

I want my photos to actually make you FEEL something. So if you browse through my photos and feel even just a little of the emotion of the day, then imagine how you will feel when you actually know the people in the photos, when the images are about your story.


the nitty gritty…

So because I like to tell full stories, and its hard to know how many ‘hours’ you actually need, and generally things run over on the day anyways etc, I’ve decided to change offer one simple, stress free coverage :)

I’ll arrive with plenty of time before your ceremony, photograph all the important stuff (family groups/ceremony/bridal party/speeches etc etc) and I’ll stay till all your ‘formal’ stuff is done, and capture some dance floor before I head off. That way you aren’t stressing about things going over time etc and you know that I’m there for all the important stuff. Usually those hours tend to be around/about 1:30-9:30pm but obviously I will work with your schedule/the time of year you are getting married!

Ok, ok so that all sounds great but what kind of $$ am I looking at?

Retainer = $900 (at booking)

Balance = $2500(4-6 weeks out from your date

* Want me to come and just shoot for a few hours/cover the mega essential bits? I totally get it. Check out the button below for other options…



*2019 is essentially booked out guys! Thanks for the support. Still shoot me an email in case I manage to find you a spot, and I can also recommend some other awesome peeps for you!

If you don't want to fill the contact form out - just email hey@katherinewilsonphotography.com

*If you are obsessed with having me as your photographer (understandable) but can’t afford me…enquire anyways. I’ll try and help you out any way that I can!