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My Gracie Girl...

A little over 18 months ago, this one was born in an extreme way (hello mid-levels lift delivery) and with an infection that was literally life threatening for Grace had she remained inside/the pregnancy continued. Everyone (Dr's, my midwife and us) were shocked at how well she was despite the environment she was in. Life is so fragile, and I've been sadly witness to that as a photographer for Heartfelt in the past, but here she is as a healthy (crazy) toddler.

 I'm incredibly grateful that I've been blessed with the ability to document stories for people. So that said, from time to time people come across my path that have hit a rough patch. Or financial struggles. Or a health issue that means photos of your family (in home/relaxed style) are vital for preserving your families history.

If thats you, or you know of someone in this situation, please contact me via the link below. All session will be treated as confidential and given free of cost. Please note whilst I will always get back to you ASAP, my availability is limited and sessions are allocated prioritised based on urgency criteria. 

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